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            Things started many moons ago in the tiny Oklahoma town of Apache. Donald Dewey Payne was born to Doc & Ruth Payne on October 9th 1944. Little Don grew quickly and began his life-long love affair with good food! As a young man, Don married Brenda Coffman, and he continued to cultivate his ever-expanding reputation as a "food-lover".

            Years later the two moved to Lawton Oklahoma. Many many folks in this sleepy little town of 65,000 have said of Don, “Don is either thinkin about eating, on his way to eat, in the middle of eating, just gettin done eating, or planning where he’s gonna eat next!”

            Well in these early years of life in Lawton, Brenda birthed a couple of kids, Ben & Ashley. And Don birthed the thunda now known as “Paynes Perfection”.           


So the story continues…


From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy!

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